Best Travel hacks that will help you on your trip

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Hey guys, traveling is the hobby of the most. Incredible moments folks encounter on a trip. We travel a lot but the reasons differ, some travel for the work, some of the individuals travel to study, some travel to have some leisure time from hectic office life. But the most common thing among all the persons traveling are, they want to find the traveling hacks, so, they may have some discount some royal feeling and best is cheap hotels. Best travel hacks for you guys.

How to get free first-class seat on the airplane. Have a royal meal at the plane for free, what would be the trick. Want to have luxury room at the hotel for free. Ever forgot mobile phone charger, how to get it safe, or how to get it back easily. So today we are doing travel light packs. So, travel with me as I will show you all my Travel hacks that will make traveling so much easier. Stick to the article I will show you some of the Best travel hacks.

How to get airline credits:

So my first life hack for you guys is to try and get airline credit, so how the process usually works is you will get to the airport and you will check in for your flight and the kiosk will ask you, if you want to volunteer to be bumped to a different flight that’s how you know your flight is definitely overbooked the airline needs someone to get off this flight and go to the next one.

If you are not aware of what the kiosk is, I will guide you through it. Kiosk is a machine usually found at the airports. Kiosk is a device, touchscreen, where you can check-in by yourself. No need of any staff. This bring the ease for the customers and the company too. Read this if you are traveling for the first time.

So, whoever does get kicked off the flight is going to get airline credit. One time I got $1,000 worth of airline credit for a flight that was like two hours long. So, there are three ways I know that you can really increase your chances of getting this.

Find flight in the busiest days:

Second for the Best travel hacks. You want any chance of doing this at all, then you have to fly on the busiest days, which are Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays, especially Monday mornings and Friday night. After that you want to get to the gate as soon as possible and let them know that you’re down to be bumped onto the next flight.

Struggle for it:

So, you pretty much have to go up to the gate and let them know or they’re just going to ask the people who don’t have seats assigned still. Sometimes they go through all the people with unassigned seats and they still ask on the intercom one time. I was even on a flight and they offered 1,300 dollars to get someone off of it, like everyone was already sitting down on the flight.

Therefore, even if you have a seat assigned it’s still possible to another way in trying to get overbooked flights to check the seat map when you are booking.

Guys let’s say I need a flight from Seattle to LA as you can see two flights for one hundred and sixty dollars each, so the first flight has 32 seats on it and the second flight only has 20, so if I want to get on an overbooked flight which one do you think I should pay comment down below.

TSA PreCheck:

Okay that was easy the one with 20 obviously. So, always check the seat map,  if you want to get on an overbooked flight. If you have not signed up for TSA PreCheck. This is the number one thing that has made traveling so much easier for me you probably haven’t done it yet because you think it’s going to be like a very annoying process but actually for me, all it was 10 minutes on my computer putting information in and then I went into. Like office and it was 10 minutes they take your fingerprints and confirm all the information.

It’s so easy usage, so much time at the airport, if you travel a lot it’s so worth it having TSA PreCheck. Really makes the early morning flight a lot smoother.

Seat Guru:

So, if you want to make sure you don’t get a terrible seat on your flight you’ve got to try seat guru, this will show you your exact seat for your specific flight and its power. It also a little TV thing, if it doesn’t recline all the way extra row it’s awesome and it’s free and I use it for every flight to make sure that I’m actually going to have an outlet.

Free first-class seat:

Okay let’s talk about first cuff upgrades, flying first-class obviously is super nice but who wants to pay for it. ‘wait’ not me there’s two ways to get it for free, one is by having status with the airline. So, if you fly often like twice a month then you should really stick to one airline. Best in the Best travel hacks.

I stick to one airline and that allows me to get the lowest level of status and you would think with the lowest level status like you’re not ever going to get upgraded. I actually have about not graded little trick to increase your chances of getting upgraded.

You do the exact opposite that you would do. If you’re trying to get on an overbooked flight, if you’re trying to get upgraded look at the seat map and see which has the most first-class still open can’t really try and get on an overbooked flight. then you gotta pick one so with Delta, even, if you don’t get a first-class upgrade.

I get comfort plus pretty much every time which is also nice like you get a premium beverage, you get a free snack, you get a little more legroom and to me the best part you get to be near the front of a plane. So, you can get off quickly and just get to your destination.

Hotel booking trick:

Time for a hotel room light pack. Okay while I was checking in one time I asked like if I could get a rollaway bed and it turned out that to get a rollaway bed you needed a bigger compartment at upper floor with beautiful city view.

So, they upgraded me for free, this one may not work all the time and you should really only do it when you actually need to roll with it pretty awesome. Because the city view is way better than looking at a wall that pretty much just looks like boring.

Ever forgot your phone charger:

You’re at a hotel and you forgot your phone charger, it happens to me all the time than I would admit. So, if you saw the actual cable you are in luck because the back of every TV actually has a USB thing, we just plug it right into. There was just a little note on this one, usually you have to actually turn the TV on or it’s not going to charge it. So, just make sure you do that and it should work. But if you lost the entire thing, before you go buy a new one ask the front desk first. It turns out Iphone chargers are the most lost item at hotels ever. Who would have thought probably everyone would have guessed that? It’s always worth a shot to haul up the front desk first and see if they have any extra receipt off the buy one.

Always give it a shot:

Always with a shot to check with the front desk first, if you’re like me and you book hotels last-minute pretty much all the time there’s a bunch of different apps that will show you the hotel rooms that are open. These try to be at a much better rate because the hotel would rather have someone in it than a Cove akin. So, the only one I’ve ever actually used and had a good experience with it’s called hotel tonight, but usually you can get a deal on these apps which is awesome, because normally when you’re booking last-minute, the prices are way higher for you. This was for the Best travel hacks.