Top Four highest paying niches Google by AdSense

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Hey guys hope you are all well in this difficult time of pandemic, we are going through this whole situation. I personally pray for all of you to be safe from this harmful virus. Therefore, stay home stay safe. Love you guys for your love and support. Keep this up.Today I am going to put some great profitable niches. Google AdSense is serving its publishers for a long time and it is the most reliable source for the content creators for the valuable content. I am here with the four remarkable highest paying niches by Google AdSense.


First and the foremost highest paying thing is the insurance. Sites related to the insurance information on it by different companies gains the most of it. Variety of benefits are given by the insurance companies now a days to every individual. So, everybody can engrave about the insurance in different sort of perspectives.

Google AdSense is paying almost 15$ to 17$ cost per click-CPC which is a good amount for any content creator. For instance, if you get 100 clicks a month you can earn 1500-1700$ approx. This amount could be more depending on your engagement with your visitors and the number of visitors. (7 Top tricks to get traffic from Pinterest)

Online Education:

Next is the best as spiritually and for earning purposes as well. Sites offering any sort of educating material for their visitors are getting the most benefit after the insurance niche. As far as we are concerned with our nation and the pandemic. In current days every single student is sitting at home free and wasting time. They can get benefit by these type of websites on the internet.

Google AdSense paying almost 12-13$ for a single click on any ad. Like if you are getting 100 clicks in a month you may earn 1200-1300$ approx. Which can be in the greater amount depending on your click through rate.

Marketing and Advertising:

Third highest paying niche by Google AdSense. Creators running any sites related to marketing and advertising are also at a good position of earning a good amount of money by monetizing through AdSense. Marketing and advertising agents sitting and making content on relating to their field may earn almost 6-7$ cost per click-CPC.

If you are getting 100 clicks in a month on your website you may earn from 600$-700$. This figure may rise due to high CTR click through rate or the number of visitors.

Internet and Telecom:

Last but not the least highest paying niche by Google AdSense. Persons with the niche internet and telecom can also earn a handsome amount of money by Google AdSense. This niche is the lowest paying niche in the list but not for whole group of lists. This is in the top four in the list of highest CPC-cost per click.

Publishers can get almost 4.96-5$ on per click on the ad placed on the website. Now if you are getting 100 clicks, so you may earn almost 496$-500$ cost per click-CPC which may get an increment depends on your click through rate-CTR and the number of visitors on your site.


These earning are figured out by Google AdSense by itself and it does not mean that if CPC-cost per click is high so you can earn enough. Primary thing is your number of visitors and the CTR-click through rate. If you are getting only 1$ on a single click and your visitors are in millions and CTR is high you may earn more than these niches. Comment below for any enquiries or give feedback. Your feedback means a lot to me.