Top 4 places to travel

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Top 4 places to travel in 2019

                                                                Everybody now-a-days needs an enormous adventurous place to travel to fulfill their souls and get rid of daily routine burden of a lot of work to do. Are you a busy person? Are you a businessman? Are you a Doctor? Are you an employ? Do you want to have some fun with your friends or with your wife and kids? Yes! this is the great place you just came my friend. I am here to discuss with you some of the precious places that will blow your mind and you can do a lot of stuff there. May this year will be the most beautiful and rememberable year of your entire life! So here are the Top 4 places to travel in 2019.

Top 4 places to travel in 2019
Bora Bora Island

                                   In this world of adventure, there are bundle of breathtaking islands. Indeed, every island is awesome in its own charm but Bora Bora Island should be in your favorites because of certain reasons. It has a plenty of restaurants on water. The restaurants got different variety of fish to eat. You can enjoy meals in a restaurant or can have snacks on a local place. The chicken and some fries will cost you 6-8 dollars. One more best thing about this specific spot is the ice cream the speciality of the people of Bora Bora Island. The Vanilla flavor of ice cream is most famous thing to have in this island. You can enjoy underwater swimming with a great view of underwater creature. There are some locals on different places of Bora Bora Island which show their culture by traditional dance of such place.

                                    Bora Bora Island is situated in the Northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia. The currency of Bora Bora is French Pacific franc (CFP) 103 CFP is equal to 1 USD. Language spoken by locals is French. So, this will be very beneficial on financial basis to afford and you can have more fun. The first best place to travel in 2019.

  1. Bali Island, Indonesia
Top 4 places to travel in 2019
Bali Island, Indonesia

                                           Bali is the precious island located in Indonesia. The currency there is so called Indonesian Rupiah and 14074.05 IDR is equal to 1 US dollar. The language utilized by locals is Indonesian. This would be so cheap to visit and make a bundle of memories either with your friends or with your family.

                                               There are volcanic mountains that enhances the beauty of this island and beaches too. You can rent a motorbike at a very low budget to explore more places in Bali or you can have fun with naughty monkeys in the Monkey Forest Ubud. You can live a day with only 20 USD in the Bali hotel. The people are really very friendly in Bali,Indonesia. The second best place to travel in 2019.

  • Rainbow Mountains,Peru(Vinicunca)

Rainbow Mountains,Peru(Vinicunca)

                                                                         Rainbow Mountains are situated in Peru. The country in South America having currency so called Sol. When we talk about the conversion with the U.S as far as everybody want to know this so 3.35 Sol=1 US dollar. The language usually spoken by the people of Peru is Spanish.

           Rainbow mountain named Vinicunca, also called Montaña de Siete Colores

means seven color mountain. This gives your soul happiness and strengthen your soul when you see the beauty of nature. It is the best place for trained hikers who mostly hike and love to do so. But a Warning message for beginner hikers that it will be so difficult to hike to the real spot because you have to hike for approximately 6 miles. You can see the routes to this mountain colored too but the real disaster is in the end of the journey.

  • Barcelona, Spain
Red cable car, Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

City during daytime

                                 Barcelona is also called the city of bars. It is the city of Catalonia region in Spain and the language is definitely Spanish there. The currency used there is Euro. The conversion rate is 1.14 USD = 1 Euro. It is the one of the coolest cities of Europe.

                                  You can come here with friends to party because this city got a lot of bars. Night life is really awesome in Barcelona and famous too across the globe. You will also enjoy different sort of sea food in different kind of restaurants. There are beaches to hang out with friends. Love with paintings? It is a home of Picasso Museum so you can get happy observing paintings and stuff. FC Barcelona football club should be your priority if you are FC Barcelona team fan. You should have some best phone to take with you so, Check Here.