Top 3 portable devices: Samsung T5: SanDisk Extreme Portable: WD My Passport

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Hey everyone here and today we’re taking a look at Top 3 portable devices: Samsung T5: SanDisk Extreme Portable: WD My Passportthree of my new favorite tech devices external solid-state drives these devices are extremely similar and boast the same.

Main characteristics are extremely portable drives, light weight, speedy USB-C and durable perfect for video or photo editing, backups or whatever other storage needs. I owned three of these was Samsung T5 Drive an update to the t3.

I bought this last year in the 512 gigabyte version and I was impressed by the modern sophisticated clean design. It comes in blue for the lower capacities and black for the one and two terabyte versions.

  I checked out Western Digital my passport SD and I was even more impressed though it is taller. It’s significantly narrower and so much lighter it kind of blew my mind.

This is the 2 terabyte version and has a sporty expensive look to it at least in pictures while still nice in person definitely the bottom portion gets oil smears pretty easily and I think that’s kind of gross and the drive would definitely be better off with a different finish on the bottom that doesn’t look dirty. So easily not a deal-breaker though you can clean it or just kind of not touch that part of it.

Second from Top 3 portable devices. Finally I checked out the SanDisk Extreme Drive and I was blown away again while the tallest of the drives. The thing is razor thin and weighs almost nothing.

It’s so light some space is dedicated to the clip hole at the top for connecting to a bag or carabiner and all three drives are just crazy portable and pocketable and even put on that miniature pocket in jeans, at least the SanDisk and Western Digital but while all three are super compact and portable in terms of portability.

The SanDisk and Western Digital drives are on another level of lightweight which is why I turned towards them. But another important feature of these being so light is that you can have a dangle from your computer, when you’re using it on your lap or on the go or wherever you are and you don’t have to worry about it ripping out of your computer, that is a nice security feature in terms of speed.

They all promise very similar speeds around 500 megabytes per second read and write and I was getting pretty similar results for the speed test that I got real-world usage might not be quite as fast all the time but for the most part these are still super speedy drives and they worked very well for me for USB-C.

Because now I offload all my old video projects onto these drives and I can keep my computer clean and I can free up storage and use the very fast storage on my MacBook pro just for video editing and then I can offload all those projects onto these drives very quickly and see report. I will take it anywhere and very durable.

Third from Top 3 portable devices. Speaking of durability you’ve heard it before these non-moving solid-state drives are more durable and reliable by nature but on top of that each drive features have some level of drop protection with a SanDisk even having ip55 protection from light liquid and dust exposure you can’t go dunking this in water but if anything were to get slightly in the elements or a little bit of dust you’ll be ok for the most part if you drop any of these from a table they likely aren’t going to break especially the SanDisk Drive that has a bit of a rubber coating that’s going to absorb some shock for me my pick would be between the sand disc and western digital drives because of the smaller size and how light they are and between those two I would simply go with Sandisk and disc because of the more durable rubber coating.

The lightweight build in the carabiner hook I like the look of Western Digital is better at least in pictures but in real life usage sand disks became my favorite but if one drive was significantly cheaper than the other. I would go for that instead of I wouldn’t mind unless you’re just wanting something super portable and Samsung T5 might just be a little bit big for you compared to the others. Maybe a little bit heavy I’ll leave.

Samsung T5 SanDisk Extreme Portable WD My Passport
____________ Dust resistant   _____________
____________ Water Resistant _____________
Shock Resistant Shock Resistant Shock Resistant
Fast Speed Fast Speed Fast Speed
Expensive Budget price Expensive
Comparatively little bit heavy Light Weight Light Weight

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