Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

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                                                  What’s up guyz. So, here is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Lets start.  This is the Galaxy S10+ Exynos version 8GB RAM, 128GB storage. I’ve already peeled off the plastic film because I’m an impatient man and I don’t like those ugly things on my phone.

Box Items:

Anyway, aside from the phone inside the box you get a charger which is 15W. Rumors suggested Samsung would increase the charging capacity this year.

They were partly right as only the 5G version saw an increase to 22W and the rest of the models got the same charger as last year. Apart from that, you get a USB adapter, AKG breaded headphones, USB to USB C connector, some manuals and surprisingly a transparent case.

I don’t like putting cases on my phones so it’s no use for me but I see a lot of you like cases so it’s a good thing. Its funny how the box of the S10 is filled with accessories while some companies don’t even put a dongle inside their boxes.

Detailed Specs:

Anyway, the phone looks amazing in real life. It’s well built, the animations are fluid. I was kind of worried about the pill-shaped cutout but surprisingly I’ve gotten used to it pretty quickly. Our mind only focuses on the middle part and mostly ignores everything that’s at the corner. So the cutout will not bother you in any way. Even while watching the videos.

The display on this phone is just amazing. It’s the best display you can find on any smartphone right now with a record peak brightness of 1215 nits. Anyway, the fingerprint scanner on this phone is the world’s first. It’s the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

Those of you who bought this phone might have noticed that sometimes it fails to recognize your fingerprint or sometimes it says press harder and all of that stuff. Well, you need to give it some time for the AI to learn your unlocking pattern. This devices also has a dedicated neural processing chip that learns your habit overtime.

The same thing happened when I bought the iPhone X last time. For the first week or so the face ID didn’t work properly but with time it learned my face unlocking pattern and now it works seamlessly. Don’t get me wrong, the ultrasonic scanner works 99% of the time but you need to give it some more time maybe a week or so to unlock it seamlessly.

I’m pretty impressed with the camera on this phone. There’s a 10MP sensor coupled with a secondary depth sensor. It makes your selfies look beautiful. Some of you like it some don’t. I personally like it. The back camera though is pretty good.

There’s a triple lens. One is normal, one is telephoto and the last one is super wide angle. I got pretty good results so far. By the way, you’ll also get 6 months of free Spotify subscription with this phone.

All in all, I’m very happy that I got this device. The 12 hours that I spent so far has been really pleasant and yes, I’ll say it again with the Galaxy S10 SamsungPlus has really hit it out of the park this time.