How to make money online as a teen

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So you want to know How to make money online as a teen. You need to get down before you get started. These three things are exactly what we’re going to go into detail in this article. But if you stay to the end, I’ll also explain how you can monetize that content and the best, most profitable ways to go about it. How you can start to make the most of it. what I’m going to teach you inside. All right, that said, let’s get started.

Niche selection:

So number one is niche selection. You need to choose the right target audience, the right market that you want to target. Typically that’s going to be one of the big three. That’s health, wealth and relationships. The reason everybody always goes on about these three niches, these three main niches, is that pretty much everything fits into those three and they are three markets that we all spend money in.

So you want to make sure you’re picking a busy market, that people are already spending money in there’s no point in trying to make money in a market where those nobody making money yet there is nobody buying any products. Otherwise you’re just going to be trying to develop an audience. It’s going to be a lot more work for you to try and get them to buy any products. “How to make money online as a teen”.

So you have to go with a busy market where people are already selling products. Don’t be afraid of competition, but picking one of those three, you then want to delve down and get a lower Niche sub niche within that market. So for example, if I went to the fitness industry, I would then maybe decide to target crossfit. I could go down even further. But for the sake of this example, let’s just say we’re going to go with crossfit. Now I know crossfit people are incredibly passionate. They tend to get really into it. Many of them will become semi-professional and they’ll perhaps go a number of times during the week. Therefore it becomes very much part of their life. If people dedicate their life to something, then they become very passionate.

What passionate people do? They buy products, they spend money on their passions. Therefore, we know people are going to buy crossfit related products be that training programs, memberships, apparel, clothing, lots of different types of stuff, and perhaps even equipment as well. So they’re going to buy anything to do with that market because that’s what they’re interested in and that’s what they’re passionate in. So then what you have to do,

Find the products:

So number two is you need to find the right products to match up with that audience. Typically we always recommend picking a few key products that are going to be the core of what you promote. Yes, you can promote many other products. You can actually own and develop these products yourself. You can sell services or you can sell other people’s products, which is affiliate marketing. It’s so literally, you don’t always have to be the one creating the products yourself.

You can create the products, you can sell services or you can sell other people’s products, but you have to find the right products to match up with that target audience with that market. Because if I put crossfit products in front of a crossfit audience, they are highly likely to buy. I have a passionate audience and I have it related that they are going to like. They are going to understand and they are going to want to buy. In this way make money online.

Generate targeted traffic:

Number three is that you need traffic. So now that you have chosen your market, you’ve chosen your products, you need to now get eyeballs onto those products and the only way to do that is to generate traffic. Now that could be starting your own YouTube channel, paying for ads, starting a Facebook group, an Instagram account, but you have to decide on a traffic source that matches your target audience. So crossfit is very lifestyle, it’s very visual. 9 ways to increase website traffic.

There are often going to be a lot of images, a lot of videos. So therefore the likes of Instagram and Youtube may be a good match. Therefore, you need to make sure that you’re picking a traffic source, usually going to be a social media platform, and then you can move into paid ads later that matches the goal and the target market that you have. For example, if I was selling something that was very masculine, I perhaps wouldn’t use a platform like Pinterest, which is heavily female orientated. There’s a lot of more women using Pinterest than there are actually men. 7 Top tricks of getting traffic from Pinterest.

That is for How to make money online as a teen. Good luck!