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So today we’re going to be trying something new. How to make money online on INSTAGRAM. There’s so many Instagram gurus showing you, how to make money on Instagram. I’m like let me give it a shot. So, I want to find out how much people are willing to pay for a shout-out on my Instagram at 24 hours story for toes and I think that’s pretty much it.

I think that’s the only way you can make money on Instagram – 24 hour stories posted on your Instagram page. Hmm! So what I did was I made a little Instagram story and let’s see, how it goes a lot of people have asked me for shoutouts on my INSTAGRAM.

 Well now I’m doing paste shoutouts. It’s one thing I make sure to do whatever my promote has to be in my niche entrepreneurship, because if you just promote whatever I believe you’re going to come out I spammy and you might lose followers you know but to be honest.

New to Instagram:

 I’m not that big on Instagram I don’t know how it works I’m just trying to make a few extra bucks over here. I just made $40 just to do one pose and leave it for 10 days what you just want to give a huge shout out to cuff gold shirt prints you know what I’m going to use that money to fix my phone. Because you can see the screams is that just been taking too many selfies but, what we’re going to do next we have to raise the prices see how much we could really we made.

So I haven’t raised the prices but I just made $80 in a couple hours because that guy pay 40 boom this guy right here already sent 20 and boom this guy right here 20. I’ve never ever thought about selling shouts on Instagram.

Be realistic, Get started:

What are you waiting for yes it’s going to take time. I didn’t get these twelve thousand followers overnight. I’m sure if you have a thousand or five thousand or ten thousand followers. I’m sure you could charge way less when you’re first starting out sure you might not be making a lot of money. But you should keep growing, the more you’re going to make.

So I didn’t believe it but the Instagram gurus were right. You could make money on Instagram, because I just did it and that’s it. You’re going to take no more patience. Because this is not me I just want to see if I can make money from Instagram and I could so there you go.

Time for action:

If you’re young and you have a lot of time and you love to post on Instagram, grow your following tell a shout out and boom you might move out of your mama’s house. You can earn a revenue as you are still young. You friends and relatives wonder how you are making money as a teenage. That would be great, wish you good look.
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