First time Flying Tips that will save you money and time

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Do not drink the airplane bathroom water. Do individuals arrange to be a part of the Mile High Club? Yes, it is a big fantasy for everyone. Everyone tries to give you a little tip money. Pretty sure I had passengers give each other hand jobs right in front of me. So what did I do? Well, offer them a warm towel. If you get caught doing it, it’s a big deal. It’s a federal offense. You get arrested, and you will be fined. You will be banned from the airline, and no more flying for you to Mexico. So, focus on the First time Flying Tips. Ohh! it is the creepy thing ever to do in the flight, you should avoid such things in a flight. That,s is bad for your health and your record.

Flight attendants comments about passengers:   

Do flight attendants talk about passengers? Yes, all the time. Oh my God. That’s the first thing out of our mouth. We always know what’s going on with our passengers. From the moment they step on that plane, there should be a greeter up at the front saying. Welcome aboard, and at that moment we know if we’ve got, you know, a newlywed couple going on their honeymoon, or somebody who’s a first time flyer who says, I’m nervous, I’m a first time flyer. Most of the time, they’ll tell us, or they’ll give us some type of cue. First time Flying Tips.

                                First of all, when you’re boarding, we’re always checking you out, seeing who the sexy one is, and then we rate, and like okay, who’s the hottest guy in coach; or girl. Who’s the hottest guy, or girl in first class? And then who’s the hottest person in the whole plane. So if you see us in the back talking and giggling and looking at the passengers, that’s most likely because I’m talking about you. The best thing of gossip is that we can spend our long time easily in long journeys.

Potable Water:

What is potable water? How is it used on a plane? It’s the water we use for the lavatories and for the coffee. The same water. I’ll leave that up to you if you want to drink your coffee. I wouldn’t drink the coffee on a plane. They don’t clean the tubes where the water goes. So you’re drinking all of that. So if you want water, get it from the bottled water.

Plane Floor:

What is the dirtiest part of an airplane? Definitely the floor. The floor gets used and abused. People are walking all around that floor, bringing stuff in, taking stuff off, dropping things. Do not walk barefoot on that airplane. Especially going to the lavatory. Everyone’s always walking around barefoot, and getting like, fungus or something. I see people walk in barefoot in the lavatory and I’m like, oh, that’s a lot of confidence. Bring your own Clorox wipes. No guarantee if those tray tables or seats get cleaned after every flight. In between flights, they do clean, but what they mean by cleaning is they vacuum the carpet and, they do wipe down the lavatories, but every single tray table, no, they don’t wipe that down. They only do that only if the plane is like, sitting in the airport for like, overnight or something.

First Class:                  

How can a passenger get into first class? Well, they can buy a ticket. Upgrade your life. Work harder. You got to buy a ticket, man. There’s just no way. Or, they can ask a flight attendant. Never hurts to ask. If they can talk their way into it, some of them, and they ask nicely, they can get into First class. I’ve seen it done before. We’re not supposed to, but if you’re really cute, we just say, hey, come over. I’d rather have you over here. If you guys are going to be asking, you ask before the plane takes off. First time Flying Tips.

Get anything free:

                        If you want to get anything free on an airplane, it’s actually pretty easy. Just be super nice to your flight attendants. If you’re having like, a drink or two, I’ve met a lot of flight attendants that would just be like, oh, I’ll come back and charge you later, and they never come back. Believe me that flight attendants are humans like us, you just have to convince us to give any specific thing for free.

Do not order any drinks:

                               Are diet drinks the worst drinks to order on a flight? Diet cola is literally the worst drink to pour on a flight. The bubbles, for some reason, they never go down. They’re so fizzy. So we’ll open the can, and pour it, and we’ll literally just wait. That fizz takes so long to de-fizz that I could poured a whole plane drinks by the time that Diet Coke de-fizzes. If you order a Diet Coke with me, you’ll probably get the whole can, because I don’t have time for all that. Well, thanks for sticking around. Hopefully you learned some important, helpful tips for your next flight. Be nice to your flight attendant, and Bubye. Have a good day. That was for First time Flying Tips.