Coronavirus pandemic Factors and some Myths

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The most happening and terrified year of this century is the current year 2020, in which a new virus introduced or we can say that a family of viruses has developed this vast spreading disease. Its scientific name is so called Covid-19 and the family of viruses from which this came from is Coronaviridae. There are few facts about this disease I am going to put in front of you. Let,s know if it Coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus initiated from a fish market in china Wuhan province. Which was closed for a long period. In January 2020 WHO again shutdown this market and announced this disease as a pandemic.

Fearfulness among society:

News and articles going through our eyeballs, every day is frightening us about the virus which is totally a myth. Any person already depressed from the news, whenever gets this disease thinks of his end, which is totally wrong. Remember this is not a disease which lead to death. Coronavirus pandemic.

News and articles are spreading only fear and there is no reality in any of them. Any chronic disease which is not so harmful may lead you to the death bed and any such fatal harmful disease can be reversed by steps taken wisely.


You may have dry cough, tiredness, and fever above 100 centigrade. These symptoms could be mild, severe, or critical. In severe and critical stage, you may have shortness of breath and should need oxygen supply, because shortness of breath can cause the deficiency of oxygen in the body.

Three stages of this virus can be observed. Mild, Severe, Critical. Most of the patients gets mild symptoms when they get infected. Mild stage can be overcome easily but you should not get distracted from your health. You may become healthy by just isolating yourself at home. In severe stage you may have to see you doctor and have proper treatment.

At critical stage you should move to the hospital and took care of yourself. Focus on the doctor’s prescription. Do not let your body unconscious at any time because of Coronavirus pandemic.

Patients with other health conditions:

Patients with the history of some diseases are in more danger:

  • Diabetic patients
  • Asthma patients
  • Anxiety disorder patients
  • Cardiovascular disease oriented

Note: Oxygen level from 93-100 is the healthy amount of oxygen, when you encounter that you have below 93 or 90 oxygen level consult your doctor immediately and should get oxygen will give you relief.


  1. Take precautions without any negligence. Wash your hands often, when you reach home from outside. When you touch any surface.
  2. During sneezing make sure to cover your mouth with a cloth. Maintain distance of almost 1 meter from each other.
  3. Stay at your home and do not go out without any important purpose.
  4. Sanitize your surroundings and body regularly.
  5. If you have symptoms consult your physician immediately.


This disease is curable and not so harmful. You just have to build your immunity against the disease and your body will be able to fight the disease.

Facts about Coronavirus Pandemic:

  • Bathing in a warm tub may not affect this disease.
  • Any hot or cold weather will not help to stop this virus.
  • Alcohol do not cure you, but may affect your immunity.
  • Smoking kills, will worsen your disease.
  • It is very unlikely that virus may spread through shoes.
  • Covid-19 is a virus not bacteria.
  • Coronavirus is not fatal disease; you can recover from it.
  • Higher sun temperature does not help you from this virus.

People are causing more trouble to their health by applying such techniques or taking unreliable things in their stomach to prevent themselves from Covid-19. These things are worthless even these can harm you badly. You should see your doctor if you are having any issues regarding your health.

If you encounter any of the symptoms regarding Covid-19 you should visit your doctor. This might not be the covid-19 you are thinking, but just a simple disease which can be prevented simply taking one or two tablets. Treating yourself without proper knowledge can be dangerous and may lead you to serious issues. Therefore, I recommend you to not to panic just have patience and visit your doctor in real time. You will definitely get cured from any infection you got, but again do not experiment anything related to your health.

Carefully watch your medical history:

Consider on observing on your medical history, that what type of issues you have faced in your previous life. So, anything you are feeling, this might be the reason of the disease you are having so far or this might be the new health problem. Remember Coronavirus might be fatal but not particularly a fatal disease. As you know according to the figures death rate for covid-19 is minor about 3-5% and recovery rate of patients is almost from 95-97%. That was for coronavirus pandemic.