Benefits of vitamin D supplement in your daily life routine

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Vitamins are the essential foods that provide our body the power to do multiple tasks easily without any issues. Our physical and mental health depends mostly on the intake of daily necessary vitamins to perform actions. Our body needs numerous vitamins to function properly. One of these vitamins is the vitamin d. In this article we will learn about the Benefits of vitamin D supplement.

Vitamin D2 and D3:

There are two forms of vitamin D, vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3. Vitamin D2 is basically extracted from fruits and vegetables. On the other side, Vitamin D3 is the extraction from animals. Vitamin D2 is not the most effective. This vitamin helps the body, but at a slow rate and can not be efficient. As we know, vitamin D3 is extracted from animals, so it is fast and reliable for good results.

Natural Source: TheFourer

We can have vitamin D naturally from sun. We can have sunbath every 2nd day. But areas that are cold and most of the time, there could be no signs of sun, and we may usually see snowfall in those areas. You would definitely be thinking that, so what if sun is often absent in the areas. I will tell you that vitamin D is useful in our daily life, when we intake calcium, we need vitamin D the most then, Because the fact is our body needs vitamin D to store calcium in our body. Calcium is the best thing for teeth and bones. With the help of calcium our teeth and bones stay healthy and strong. These are the Benefits of vitamin D supplement.

We may intake vitamin D by food.

There are some of the foods, rich in vitamin D.

  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Mushrooms
  • Orange
  • Fish oil
  • Trout
  • Whole Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Egg
  • Almond milk

We may take vitamin D supplements too:

Vitamins D supplements are the medicine, in which vitamin D is extracted and brought in different forms. Like we may see vitamin D in liquid form. We can buy them from medical store, as syrup or as drops. They can be available in solid form too, which probably be the pills, capsules or tablets.


Remember taking any vitamin in large amount can be dangerous, it may interfere in your body functions. For instance, taking vitamins in higher amount than recommended may damage kidneys or other parts of the body. So, be aware of such warnings, every covering of either pills or syrup has written the dosage on it. So, make sure you are taking the moderate amount of essential vitamin.

Recommended dose of vitamin D is 400-1000 IU (10-25mg). Do not take much amount than that or you may encounter some issues:

Side Effects:

  • Vomiting
  • Drastic weight loss
  • Headache
  • Arteries Hardening
  • High amount of calcium in the blood

For Covid-19:

Scientists have observed that vitamin D is essential in building immunity and improve anti-biotics to fight with viruses. It is not the fact yet, but many people are getting benefit. Taking the recommended dose of vitamin D may results in the reduction of Covid-19 risk. Also, many doctors recommended vitamin D to most of the people, even the victims of Covid-19. Hence, it may help you to eliminate Covid-19. But proper diet is compulsory for better results in the Benefits of vitamin D supplement.

Benefits of vitamin D supplement:

Here are some benefits of vitamin D supplement, vitamin D will help you in various ways. Vitamin D or any vitamin should be taken in a moderate amount to avoid any issues related your health.

Healthy kidneys:

Healthy kidneys are the sign of high amount of vitamin D in the body. High levels of vitamin D will make kidneys stronger and they will work properly. Healthy kidneys store calcium perfectly or otherwise they ignore calcium, and your body through calcium out of the body which results in weak bones and teeth.

Boosts Metabolism:

Vitamin D gives a boost to metabolism. Metabolism then help your body to excrete some more sweat and excrete harmful materials from the body. By boosting metabolism this will make your stomach strong to digest your food easily.

Lose Weight:

By taking vitamin D, it increases the level of metabolism in the body and body starts sweating more and losing appetite, so you can enjoy losing some extra pounds with less efforts and in a minimum diet. Calcium and vitamin D both are good for boosting metabolism and they will help you lose weight in no time. Focus on the proper diet to make this vitamin intake efficient.

Build immunity:

This specific vitamin when taken in a specific amount will give your body a push to fight with numerous diseases. As we know about current Covid-19 virus, nothing is working for the disease, because nothing is invented as its anti-dose yet. So, in this way, vitamin D is helping many of the individuals for reducing the risk of this virus. Some of the patients have eliminated this virus by having the specific dose of vitamin D. In my opinion, this is the best thing in the benefits of vitamin d supplement.

Calcium absorption:

Vitamin D help to absorb calcium, to maintain good teeth and bones health. The thing is that you must take specific diet. Calcium absorption increase chances of strong body. But remember this should be taken with proper diet.

Lower cholesterol levels:

Cholesterol may get reduced after having vitamin D in daily life. Low cholesterol means prevention from many diseases. Lowering cholesterol with anything should be your favorite thing to do. Low cholesterol means good blood stream in the body, more energy, being active all the day long.

Heart health:

Vitamin D improves overall heart health, improves blood pressure, lower high blood pressures. Difficulties in heartbeat might be improved with vitamin D. Make your heart veins free from fats. That,s all for the benefits of vitamin D supplement.